Chronic Pain Management Treatment Programs New Haven, CT

Pain management treatment programs are a necessity for individuals suffering from acute pain and drug addiction. Drug abuse and dependence stemming from the addict's attempt to self-medicate with prescription painkillers is an all too common occurrence. Chronic pain could be the result of a serious injury or an invasive surgical procedure and the condition is self-reporting since you can't gauge whether someone suffers from acute pain by looking at them. Drug rehabs understand how overwhelming and helpless chronic pain suffers can feel and why drug abuse and addiction is rampant among these people seeking to relieve it.

Prescription Drug Addiction and Chronic Pain

Sharp, constant pain can be a driver for anyone to look for way to lessen or alleviate his or her excruciating condition. Suffers of chronic pain often find themselves abusing prescription pain medication like

  • Vicodin
  • Percocoet
  • Codeine
  • Morphine
  • Oxycontin
  • Oxycodone
  • Hydrocodone
  • Fentanyl

Among other various drugs that allay physical discomfort and leave the chronic pain sufferer feeling euphoric and blissful. These highly addictive substances make the individual dependent and the addict needs to keep taking a bigger and bigger dosage to induce the euphoric effects. Once the addict has built up a tolerance, a reduction in dosage or cold-turkey attempt to quit will bring about severe physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms.

The Health Risks of Pain Pill Abuse

Pain medication is linked to a litany of health risks and dangers that develop over the course of the addict's abuse and dependence. The most pressing risk for those suffering from chronic pain is the buildup of tolerance to prescription drugs, even if the person was taking the prescribed dosage. Tolerance can build up very quickly and the individual won't be able to feel the alleviating effects, thus he or she will to need take a larger dosage to induce those pleasant effects. This could lead to drug overdose, which are unfortunately very common and often times are lethal. Other dangers of abuse and dependence include respiratory issues like difficulty breathing, and liver and heart damage.

Pain Management Treatment Programs

Tackling an addiction to prescription painkillers at a treatment facility involves an evidence-based mind and body approach. Upon entering treatment, the addict will undergo inpatient medical detox to safely and carefully wean the individual off of the addictive substance under the supervision of nurses, doctors, and physicians. A team of medical professionals monitor the patient to ease any discomfort that withdrawal symptoms may cause.

After inpatient detox, the real work of addiction recovery can begin. Physicians, counselors, and therapists work with the patient to create an effective rehabilitation plan that addresses all of the patient's personal concerns. Tailoring the rehabilitation program to the patient's needs helps the individual understand what triggers his or her painkiller abuse and how to overcome cravings using learned recovery tools.

Chronic pain suffers who are addicted to prescription drugs shouldn't feel hopeless and alone while watching their dependence slowly destroy their lives. Rehab centers believe longstanding recovery is attainable to for anyone willing to reach out. Addiction is a hard battle to fight; you shouldn't have to silently suffer by yourself.

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